Point-of-Care Perspectives from PatientPoint

5 Reasons Pharma Marketers Love Point of Care

by Linda Ruschau

Pharma and agency marketers talked…and we listened!

Point-of-care marketing is being talked about more than ever before, which is certainly music to my ears. After spending nearly 30 years advocating for the intrinsic value of delivering brand messages to the right audience at the perfect aperture point, I’m so pleased to see healthcare and media industries embracing the opportunities that abound in physician office engagement solutions.

While I could talk Point of Care all day every day, this planning season I decided to let some of the best marketers and media experts in the industry speak about the value of the channel—and am pleased to share their expert insights in our latest whitepaper. The perspectives I heard from these colleagues and friends were validating and sometimes heartwarming!

Download our latest whitepaper to hear directly from some of the best marketers and media experts on the unique value Point of Care offers.

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Over the next several blogs I’ll take a deeper dive into what pharma and agency marketing leaders shared with me about Point of Care’s unique value proposition. But first, let’s start with the basics.

Here are five reasons why some of the best marketers in the industry say Point of Care should be a foundational part of the marketing mix:

1. Inserts brands into the “last click” in the treatment decision:

Think about the doctor’s office like the store shelf for CPG brands. The strong power and activation potential of the in-office experience makes investment a no-brainer.

2. Produces lift for other channels:

Adding Point of Care to your channel mix pays off, as multi-channel plans that include POC are proven to yield higher net benefit for a variety of other media.1

3. Offers unmatched credibility and trust:

There is nothing more personal to patients than their health and no place more relevant to the healthcare journey than the doctor’s office. Messaging featured alongside relevant health education and customized content from the practice offers brands an opportunity to play a more trusted role in a patient’s healthcare journey.

4. Helps physicians advance patient care:

Education is power and most physicians see pharma as a valuable partner in educating patients. Nearly three-quarters of physicians say that they are comfortable offering pharmaceutical brand information to patients if it helps better educate them on their condition.2

5. Offers strategic advantage:

Point of Care isn’t just for brands looking to pull through their big-budget DTC campaigns. Category exclusivity offered by the channel offers meaningful share of voice to help brands outsmart vs. outspend the competition—no matter their size.

Stay tuned for more insights from brand and agency marketing experts about their strategic use of the point-of-care channel and tips for fellow marketers to maximize their investment. In the meantime, I encourage you to download the whitepaper and see for yourself why an investment in Point of Care is a must for brands to stay relevant with patients and healthcare providers today.

See what Point of Care can do for your brand—let’s talk today to get started!


1Crossix study of 80MM unique individuals reached across all channels, the majority of which were only exposed to one channel, January 2018

2PatientPoint/Digital Health Coalition/Sermo, “Education at the Point of Care,” November 2019

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